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Grace Lee
B.A., M.B.A., ACC

"It is my passion to see myself and others finding peace, balance and harmony in our lives. My aim is to offer you my faith-based mindframe, both practical and logical approaches, and skill-based training to assist, facilitate and nurture your own personal growth and spiritual pursuits. I hope to bring healing and sanctification to your inner world so you may step forward feeling confident and secure. I have researched, studied, tested and practised a great many theories, philosophies and techniques which enhance physical and mental health, well-being and good living. Through trial and error, learning and evolving from these experiences, I have discovered that there is no secret to success but by faith, hard work, diligence, and commitment. Please join me in this incredibly exciting journey of self-discovery and advancement!"


Grace was born into a family who owned businesses trading between Hong Kong and many Asian and European countries. With this international and economic backdrop to her childhood, Grace learnt about the essential elements of success, namely human relationships. She watched her grandfather and parents growing their business and generating new ventures from being diligent and making wise decisions, showing integrity and sincerity. She realized from the start that human virtues were what made people successful in life.

Grace left home to study in the United Kingdom from a young age. Having been through the British boarding school system, she was having to learn about interpersonal skills the hard way. From youth into adulthood, Grace always had to face up to life challenges alone, making vital decisions before she was ready. But these testing times have grown her courage and determination. She became alert and decisive, being sensible and responsible at the same time.

During a span of 5 years in her early adulthood as a university student, Grace was confronted by turmoil which lost her in despair and emotional bondage. Her father died of a sudden heart attack and left her family shaken and grieving. Grace then led a dissolute existence that brought pain and sufferings for years until she graduated and became a teacher. An act of God woke her up - a serious car accident knocked Grace unconscious for 9 hours and she woke up with amnesia in the hospital. As she recovered over time, she realized that it was more than luck that her life was preserved from the wreckage. She then crawled out of the pit of depression, and opened up her compassion for community work. It was through this blessing that Grace was able to rebuild her life and finally met her beloved husband.

Under the guidance and encouragement of her husband, Grace ventured out to higher levels in her career. She bravely left her profession of music teaching after five solid years of accomplishment to complete a Master Degree in Business Administration. The first job that she landed on after her masters, as a training officer, eventually won her a lifetime worth of knowledge and experience in coaching and consulting. During the 3 years in this position, Grace recruited and monitored training programs in 5 different vocational areas, and expanded from the initial 40 apprentices to 150 onboard. She consulted to well over a hundred local companies and manufacturers, in the different fields and industries, in setting up in-job training and raising occupational health and safety standards at their workplaces. It was her enthusiasm and diligence that earned her a reputation of excellence and quality.

In 1999, Grace followed her husband in immigration to live in the United States of America. Faced with the reality and requirement of retraining, Grace took up initiative and studied computer information systems, and thus embarked on a new career of becoming a Systems Analyst. During her struggle of finding a new job in a new career in a new country, Grace realized her potential of making things happen! Coupled by spiritual awakenings at the time, Grace delved into an extensive research of spirituality and healing. It was from then on that Grace had set foot on a journey to finding her faithful belief in Christ.

Grace began her motherhood on a sad note, having lost her first baby to anencephaly (Read her article "A LETTER TO MANDY"). Her pain and anguish prompted her to develop empathy and sympathy. The hardship did not end, but continued as she faced further pregnancy losses, health challenges and postpartum depression. When she finally emerged from darkness to victory, she renewed her faith in Jesus, and she sought teachings firmly from the Bible.

As she marched on in hope and love, her ability to heal, comfort, guide and support grew from strengths to strengths. She followed her visions and intuition devotedly as she became ready to coach others in life. The moment of revelation, as she recalled, was an intensely amazing experience when she answered to God's calling of being a missionary while coaching.

In 2005, Grace founded her very own coaching practice - the "AmazingGrace Coaching". She has assisted hundreds of clients leaving depression, rebuilding lives, careers, and relationships. She also served a number of community groups and organizations by training their volunteers in caring and coaching skills.

She demonstrates patience, understanding and consideration while she motivates and facilitates her clients in stepping out to explore. She utilizes her acute analytical and intuitive mind as she evaluates issues and problems at hand. Her confidence, optimism and joyfulness are infectious and she touches those hearts that yearn for reassurance and encouragement. As she shares with you her gifts of faith, wisdom and mercy, you will find her a good confidant, mentor and educator.

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Ministry Focus

Christian Coaching
- Life Coaching / Career Coaching / Group Coaching
Equipping Caring & Coaching Skills
- Training Workshops / Seminars
Intercessory Prayer
- Crisis Intervention / Healing / Around-The-Clock Prayer Chain


Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
, International Coach Federation, U.S.A.
Certificates of Coach Training, Western Seminary, U.S.A.
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), University of Wolverhampton, U.K.
Post Graduate Certificate of Education (P.G.C.E.), University of Central England, UK
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), University of Birmingham, UK


International Coach Academy
- Professional Certified Coach Program
Crosspoint Church of Silicon Valley - Member


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